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How do we meet?

Through Zoom.  When you log in to my website, go to my bookings, then press on open meeting link. 

What should I expect out of the coaching session?

1. To learn more about yourself as you uncover some thoughts you didn’t know you had

    that are holding you back 

2. To be listened to with compassion

3. I will not tell you what to do.  You’ll figure out what works best for you. You are more

    familiar with yourself than I am.


Do I need to prepare before the coaching session?

No.  Just be in a quiet place.  Don’t be driving so that you can focus better on your coaching session. 

Is it normal to be nervous before a coaching session?

Yes, I still get nervous sometimes when I'm being coached. It's because we all have a human brain.

Yes, at any time. Simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the website.

How much does it cost?

Next to the service, you can see the pricing.  You will be given a total at the checkout.

Is this confidential?


What if I forget what we've talked about during our session?

During the session, you can take notes and/or record it. It is normal to have difficulty thinking clearly and remembering things when we are overwhelmed by emotions. You may understand some things better and see your pattern of thinking from a different perspective if you re-read your notes or replay your coaching session.

Is the freebies really free?

Yes, you're welcome :)

Can I unsubscribe to the emails?

Yes, at any time. Simply click the unsubscribe link on the email you receive.

Do I have to be a mom, Hispanic, or working to be coached/participate in this program?

Certainly not! Everyone is welcome!  The tools learned here can benefit anyone as we all have brains. These tools teach you how to be a better person and feel better about yourself.

When will I start to notice a difference or feel better?

I can't give you an answer because everyone is unique and deals with different issues in their lives.


If you are willing to be all in then it will be faster than if you are not.  


As it takes time to build muscle when you exercise, it takes time to reprogram your brain.  


I recommend giving it a year because it will give you time to change your old thinking habits.  It takes time to build the foundations.

Do you coach in Spanish?

At the moment, I am only coaching in English. However, I plan to begin coaching in Spanish in the near future.

How old do you have to be to be coached? 

18 years or older

Is coaching like counseling? 

No.  Coaching can be used as a supplement to counseling, but it doesn't replace counseling.  

How do I cancel or reschedule a coaching session? 

Log in to my website.  Go to my bookings. Then reschedule or cancel. 

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