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Hola, I'm Blanca

    I was born in Michoacan, Mexico.  My mother immigrated to the United States after my father died when I was five years old.  After a year, she saved enough money to bring her six children to the United States.  We lived in one of my uncles' bedrooms. With my mother's perseverance and hard work, she was able to obtain a small one-bedroom mobile home for us.


    After high school, I married my high school sweetheart.  We moved to Texas because he joined the military. We had a rocky relationship at the time. Without family, friends, a car, or a phone, I felt extremely lonely, especially because my husband worked from 12 to 24 hours a day. I spent my days listening to the radio in an unfurnished apartment. We had an argument one day, so I decided to take a few pills. Thank God, that suicide attempt failed. God had bigger plans for me.

    My husband was then deployed for a year to Iraq during my first pregnancy. So, I moved back to my hometown. We couldn't talk very often, so we wrote letters to each other. I was constantly afraid that he wouldn't come back. He returned safely (thanks to God), and we moved back to Texas with our child. We then returned to our home state after a year.



    I worked a variety of jobs, including cleaning homes, filing, and working as a call center receptionist while attending college and caring for my family. We had our second child. I then began to feel depressed again as a result of some life events. I went to therapy and began taking antidepressants. The therapist validated my feelings and explained something I had never heard before. That everyone has "ANTS, or Automatic Negative Thoughts." I was like WHAT???  I assumed I was the only human with them!  That's when I realized I wasn't so unique after all. :) 

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    After my husband, two children, and I relocated to Georgia, I decided to return to college. We then returned to our home state and I finished my Associate of Arts and Science degree.  I decided to pursue a career in nursing and obtained my bachelor's degree in nursing. 


    I discovered coaching after having my fifth child. I was feeling depressed and anxious. I was filled with negative thoughts. For the second time in my life, I went to therapy and began taking antidepressants. It was beneficial, but I felt I needed something else to make me feel better.  Thanks to God, Jody Moore and The Life Coach School podcasts were recommended to me by a friend. That's where my journey of self-discovery really began as I learned how brains function.  That is what I needed! 


    I then decided to become a Certified Life Coach so that I could share everything I'd learned. I continue on my journey of discovering my true identity, developing my self-confidence, and challenging all of my thoughts and beliefs. 


    I can't say that negative thinking disappears because it's something we all have as humans, but I can say that I've learned various tools that continue to help me in my self-discovery. I won't say it's simple, but if you let me, I can show you the way. I will believe in you and help you believe in yourself.  


    I share my story because I want to be an example of how your past doesn’t have to dictate your future.  At that time, it felt like my circumstance (husband, children, relocating, no friends or family nearby, no car or phone, unfurnished apartment, jobs, and education) was what created my happiness.  I now understand that I can create my own happiness with my thoughts.  This is only the beginning of my journey to reaching my full potential!  My dreams came true as a result of the perseverance I learned from my mother.    I want to help you achieve your dreams too! 


Love your Coach,

Blanca A.  Salgado  

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